Exploring Catalina Island – Summer 2017


August 19, 2017

Catalina Island continues to be one of the great year-round destinations in Southern California. Summer is peak season, but even the most crowded of days are manageable and downright pleasant.

There’s something in the fresh saltwater air you take in the moment you step off the boat.

Time seems to slow down to a more mellow pace.

The crystalline water is refreshing and cool, juxtaposed against the beaming rays of the warm sun overhead.

For the outdoor adventurer, there’s diving and hiking and camping and fishing.

For the day tripper arriving on the Catalina Express, there are beaches to relax on, restaurants, bars and lounges to enjoy, and shops to peruse.

While aspects of the island continue to upgrade and modernize, there is also rich history and a comfortable sense of nostalgia.

There’s a little something for everyone.

The ocean is the emphasis, and yet there is an entirely different world when you travel inland.

Sunsets are amazing.

Avalon is the popular tourist spot…

…whereas Two Harbors, located on the island’s west end, is more for the outdoor enthusiast.

There is a rugged authenticity to Two Harbors that captures its unique mystique.

The rich vibrancy of an ocean teeming with life is apparent.

Boats in all shapes and sizes congregate on moorings nestled in majestic coves.

People are friendly and wave to each other as they pass by on their dinghies…

…all sharing in the commonality of having discovered this special place.

More village than city or town, the Isthmus offers a chance to stretch the legs, go for a hike, walk the dogs, have lunch, and chill out.

The environment is ever-changing, and it can happen in the blink of an eye. An overcast morning might dissipate into a sun-drenched afternoon. An unexpected rainstorm might pass through, bringing in a breathtaking cloud cover or rainbow.

The colors at sunrise and sunset are rich and vibrant. At night, there is a comforting quiet. The stars are magnifacent.

I’ve been going to Catalina for years. For me, it’s a place of fond memories, an instant de-stresser, a chance to slow things down, take a deep breath, enjoy, and simply appreciate.




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