Google’s Tel Aviv office evolves the corporate world


September 14, 2017

Wow, check out Google‘s impressive office located in Tel Aviv.

I have always been impressed by Google’s understanding of the modern workplace, and this office concept is a continuation, and evolution, of this brilliant philosophy.

Google, along with Apple, and companies such as Pixar seem to have the best reputation as far as ideal office environment.

They have made the correlation between an aesthetically pleasing, fun environment and office productivity. The more a company seems to care about it’s employees, the more passionate the employees seem to feel about their own jobs, and the more efficient and profitable the entire business becomes. It’s an obvious recipe for success, one more companies should follow.

For every Google, there are 10,000 companies stuffed into antiquated buildings with fluorescent lights, conservative decor, bland color palette, and that worker bee mentality.

In the real estate world, there is a very clear connection between the quality and upkeep of an apartment building and the pride a tenant feels in maintaining their unit. When a landlord fixes issues, keeps up with the landscaping, and maintains the beautification of his property, the tenant seems more motivated to keep their home in a respectable condition as well. When the owner is a “slumlord” who allows his buildings to deteriorate, the living conditions similarly degrade.

Could you imagine coming to work every day in an environment such as Google’s Tel Aviv office? This is clearly a place that says to the employee, “We care about your existence.” Many people spend more hours at work than they do at home. Google understands that if their workplace can feel like a “work home,” their employees may actually be happier all around.

I’m sure old school business folks out there might suggest Google’s approach can lend itself to a lazier employee who will take their job less seriously and think of their environment as “playtime” rather than a place for serious work.

But just like the tenant living in that apartment, I would argue the Google employee probably treats his space with more respect, and in such a positive environment, is more compelled to reward his company with passionate work.

This seems to be the recipe for success for a modern corporate, promotes happiness for its workforce, and is truly representative of an evolved future.

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by Jeremy Howard – “JERHOW”



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