Hong Kong Disneyland wants in on the expansion!


9 January 2017

With the opening of Shanghai Disneyland and the U.S.-based Star Wars Land construction grabbing all the attention, Hong Kong Disneyland just said to the world, “Hey! Remember us?”

Hong Kong Disneyland has announced a massive expansion initiative spanning several years with a $1.4 billion price tag. What do those kind of fiunds enable to you to build, you might ask?

How about a larger castle and surrounding hub area with new daytime and nighttime show offerings, including Moana’s Village Festival for starters?

And while this past year introduced a new Frozen dark ride at EPCOT in Orlando, Hong Kong gets an entirely new themed area, where the Kingdom of Arendelle can be explored, two new attractions can be ridden, and lots of toys and merchandise can be purchased.

One of the rides will be a flat spinner, utilizing Disney’s patented trackless ride system most recently introduced at Disney California Adventure‘s Cars Land in Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters. In Arendelle, guests will ride dancing sleighs on ice, which is sure to add a magical ambiance to this new winter wonderland section of the park.

The other ride is as yet unknown. Hong Kong doesn’t have a Pirates of the Caribbean. Might this be an opportunity for a dedicated flume ride in the park?

The Marvel Universe will have a signature presence not currently found on this scale at any other park in the world. In addition to the Iron Man Experience, which has just opened with a ride system identical to Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters will be reimagined into an interactive Ant-Man dark ride/shooter concept.

And there is a massive new area for an as-yet unknown large scale Marvel-themed E-Ticket ride. It’s no secret that Hong Kong Disneyland is devoid of a modern wow-factor ride on the scale of Shanghai’s Pirates of the Caribbean or TRON Lightcycle PowerRun. This is the opportunity to put Hong Kong back on the map with something thrilling and unique.

Might this be a preview for the Marvel expansion now happening at Disney California Adventure?

The scale of Disney theme park expansion currently happening arond the world is unprecedented, and now Hong Kong can be nicely included as well.




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