Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge nighttime concept art reveals new details!


9 January 2017

Disney released a stunning “nighttime” shot of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at their D23 Expo back in November, offering a slightly different perspective on what’s to come for these new experiences in Anaheim and Orlando.

Previously, we had been shown this daytime shot of the land. This is artwork representing the Anaheim version.

By night, however, we can now see some interesting new details!

This shot depicts the Orlando version of the land. If you don’t notice any differences at first, check out the terrain along the bottom right. The daytime Anaheim picture shows the boundary between the new land and the Rivers of America.

Orlando’s version is at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, so the river doesn’t exist here, instead replaced in the concept art by more rockwork, trees and landscaping that will presumably engulf the surrounding area (if this isn’t just an exaggeration for concept art purposes.) There does seem to be a clearly defined lit pathway towards the lower right of the shot that is likely an access point to the land from another section of the park, and this is surrounded by wilderness, so we will see!

The Hollywood Studios park, for the most part, is a concrete jungle, so it’s a welcome sight seeing an actual jungle with all that greenery going in.

I wonder what time period in the Saga will ultimately be represented here. On the ground, it looks like we have three life-size starship recreations: Princess Leia’s Rebel blockade runner from IV: A New Hope, the Millenium Falcon, and Darth Vader’s Imperial shuttle from VI: Return of the Jedi. And yet, the X-Wing featured in the Orlando artwork has the charcoal grey and orange color scheme of Poe Dameron’s ship from VII: The Force Awakens. This is different from the Anaheim shot, which depics an Original Trilogy X-Wing.

Could this land be nestled comfortably, and vaguely, in between Episodes VI and VII? That would allow for some sinister Kylo Ren appearances. But Darth Vader is too iconic to not have his own presence in the land from time to time.

Perhaps, then, the point of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is to be a “best of” that borrows from all three sets of trilogies so they can mix it up as they see fit.

That might explain how a rooftop lightsaber duel can take place between a Jedi and a Sith, reminiscent of the prequels. See that clashing of swords towards the middle right? How cool is that by the way! We’ll be wandering through the land, chowing down on our Sarlaac Stew, when all of a sudden, we look up, and there’s a death-defying lightsaber duel happening on the rooftops before our very eyes! So awesome.

There are a variety of pavilions and indoor-outdoor areas to explore. There’s even a life-size dewback hanging out!

We can see the entrance to the Battle Escape attraction next to the shuttle. The big rumor is that this will be a massive E-Ticket ride, one guests will physically ride through, with practical sets and special effects.

Towards the top of the land is the entrance to the other big ride, which will be some sort of simulator experience that lets us ride in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. Count me in right now for this!

I’m curious about those five interior-lit observation towers above the Falcon. How much of this will be fake facades and forced perspective and how much will be actual experience for guests to explore?

I mean, you have to imagine one of those towers, or perhaps someplace more hidden, will be a Star Wars-themed members only Club 33 concept. Or to a lesser-exclusive degree, perhaps fine dining with panoramic views overlooking the land and the rest of the park?

The possibilities are limitless! Please open now! I can’t wait any longer!




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